International and non-governmental organisations

I worked for the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria for several years, and have translated various texts for the OECD and the European Union. Since 2016, I have worked regularly as an external translator for another international organization. These texts, frequently long and rife with jargon, require precision and clarity.

Marketing & Communication

I translate brochures and leaflets, websites, newsletters, and other internal and external communications for large companies and SMEs alike, which often requires a writing style that is punchy, pithy, and precise.


Much of my career was spent providing translations for the Latin American online news journal, some of which were published in Projets politiques et luttes sociales (2011) and Être comme eux ? : Perspectives critiques latino-américaines sur le développement en Amérique latine (2013), edited by Nicolas Pinet for L’Harmattan and Parangon/Vs.


I collaborated for several months (fixed-term remote contract) on a large-scale editorial project in tourism for Google; as co-translator for two guides for Lonely Planet; and as copy editor for the French edition of two (one complete and one in part) guides on the Camino de Santiago in Catalonia.

Automotive Industry

The automotive industry is a particular area of expertise of mine and, for many years now, I have worked for a variety of car manufacturers, including a luxury manufacturer (translating websites, brochures, press releases, marketing and editorial materials, and online apps). I also translate financial and technical texts for a spare-parts manufacturer and for an automotive paint specialist.

About me

When I’m not translating, you’ll find me swimming, surfing, or wandering near and far. I particularly enjoy capturing moments using my film and digital cameras.

I am an active member of Coworking Pays basque, a non-profit organisation that manages the space where I work every day.